Current research project
2019 – 2023
Against the fat relentless ego: love at the centre of morality (FWO grant)
University of Antwerp, Centre for Ethics
Supervisor: dr. Katrien Schaubroeck

I investigate whether we can make sense of the argument that we should love one another. In light of societal challenges such as polarization and hate for ‘outgroups’, we might be in need for a contemporary secular moral call for love, if we have in mind the goal of an inclusive, embracing society.  This project aims to develop an account of love and morality inspired by the ideas of Iris Murdoch to defend that we do, thereby rejecting the widely held claim that love and morality are somehow in tension. The project focuses on what Murdoch’s idea of love could bring to (intersectional) feminist philosophy, particularly feminist ethics and feminist epistemology. Murdoch argues that ‘love’ is attending to the other, which I suggest is useful for a feminist project of ‘redistributing attention’. I’m inspired by the works of Iris Murdoch, bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Kate Manne, Sara Ahmed, Gloria Wekker, Marilyn Frye, Rosa Luxemburg and many more.

Visiting Researcher at the University of Liverpool
Supervisor: dr. Rachael Wiseman

2017 – 2019
(How) Ought Parents and Children to Love Each Other? (BOF-grant)
University of Antwerp, Centre for Ethics
Supervisor: dr. Katrien Schaubroeck



Guest Lecture The mythical norm, ‘white is a color, too’, and identity politics. MA Seminar (UA).

Guest lecture Reading Kate Manne’s Down Girl, The logic of misogyny. MA Philosophy Seminar, Tilburg University, with Martha Claeys.


BA Feminist philosophy (UA), with dr. Petra van Brabandt and Katelijne Malomgré.

Guest lecture Love, attention and white innocence. BA Advanced Ethics, Radboud University Nijmegen.


BA seminar Contemporary Authors: Kate Manne ‘Down Girl, the logic of misogyny’ (UA), with prof. dr. Katrien Schaubroeck and Martha Claeys.

MA seminar Philosophy of love (UA), with prof. dr. Katrien Schaubroeck.


Philosophical workshop Identity: gender, culture and individuality, at a Rotary summer school for international bachelor students.

2014 – 2017

In 2014 I earned my Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Education of Social Studies after which I taught ‘maatschappijleer’ (social studies) en ‘burgerschap’ (civics) at ROC Tilburg and Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam.